Seoane-James Outstanding Senior Award

This prestigious award commemorates two students, Richard Seoane and Leland James. The Seoane-James Award is the highest non-academic award that a graduating senior can be nominated for. The faculty and students nominate seniors who have demonstrated significant service to Logan, to the community, and who have strong, but not necessarily outstanding, academic achievement. Out of all the nominees, 6 finalists are selected to be interviewed by the selection committee from which two students are chosen to receive the award.


Seniors may be nominated by anyone, including staff, parents, their classmates or themselves. Parents and staff who would like to nominate a student should contact the student personally and encourage the student to complete the online application.

Students must complete the online application by Friday, May 7.

Nominees will then be screened to the top six candidates candidates. The six nominees will be announced and interviewed by the Seoane-James Selection Committee by May 14.

Awardees will be announced at the graduation ceremony. Seniors nominated should meet the following criteria:

  1. Made significant contributions to James Logan High School
  2. Be in good academic standing
  3. Involved in co-curricular activities (clubs, athletics, student government, performing arts, etc.)
  4. Involved in significant community service.

Seoane-James Recipients

1959-60: Pauline Dingacci & Michael Grimes
1960-61: Kathleen Dunn & Fred Curtis
1961-62: Harriet Brown & John Hernandez
1962-63: Cheryl Digiullio & Boyd Sorenson
1963-64: Ellen Hartenfeld & Jerry Torres
1964-65: Dan Grimmer & Lou Loyola
1965-66: David Pava & Beverley Allen
1966-67: Demas Lamas & Kathleen Hammond
1967-68: Leslie Taylor and Jack Held
1968-69: Virginia Orozco & Bob Bedoya
1969-70: Linda Celada & David Mateo
1970-71: Annette Paredes & Brent Jacinto
1971-72: Carol Dutra & David Denney
1972-73: Karen Flores & Dennis Kitayama
1973–74: Elizabeth Loyola & Matthew Dutra
1974-75: Nancy Gonzalez & Leigh Selig
1975-76: May Chew & Dennis Dias
1976-77: Lauren Marie Sayad & Roberto A. Alvelais
1977-78: Bonnie King & Noel Villanueva
1978-79: Joan R. Laureta & Michael Guevara
1979-80: Jaqueline Gauthier & Hernan Macapanpan
1980-81: Amy Calubiran & Gary Ferguson
1981-82: Bernie Canio & Craig Manning

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