WASC Accreditation

James Logan High School will have a full WASC accreditation visit from March 24 – 27, 2019.

What is WASC?

The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), is a regional accrediting association in the United States that works closely with the Office of Overseas Schools under the Department of State, and the state Department of Education to review and provide accreditation for schools and universities. To learn more about WASC, click here.

Are schools required to be accredited?

All public high schools are required to be accredited. WASC accreditation is a school improvement process and serves as the foundation for quality education. An accredited school is a statement to the broader community and the stakeholders that it is trustworthy institution for student learning and committed to ongoing improvement.

  • The public is assured that accredited institutions are evaluated extensively and conform to expectations of performance and quality. Because accreditation requires continual self-evaluation and monitoring of its programs and operations in relation to the impact on student learning and periodic external review, the public can be assured that the educational quality of programs and services offered by the institution are current, reflect high standards of quality, and are offered with integrity.
  • Students can be assured that the institutions in which they seek to enroll have been reviewed and the educational programs that are offered have been evaluated for quality.
  • Educational institutions benefit from the stimulus for self-study and self-improvement provided by the accreditation process.

What is James Logan’s accreditation status?

Logan was accredited for six year (maximum allowed) in 2019. We will have a mid-cycle visit in 3 years.

March 2022 WASC Mid-Cycle Visit

How does the school prepare for the WASC visit?

In preparation for the full visit at the end of March, the school has engaged in a thorough analysis/reflection and completed a self-study report. The report is compiled with feedback from all stakeholders, through a collaborative process.

Click below to read about Logan’s and WASC Team’s reports.

To see previous self-study reports, as well as previous feedback reports from WASC, click on the links below:

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