Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors (H) courses allow students the opportunity to take the most rigorous courses available in preparation for collegiate studies. Learn about the differences between these advanced levels as well as courses that require a contract and/or summer work by viewing the chart below.

Advanced Placement & Honors

Advanced Placement & Honors FAQ

The opportunity to be in advanced placement or honors classes carries with it certain assumptions about the skills and maturity of students who will be doing advanced or college level work. It is hoped that students are primarily motivated by an appreciation for the subject and secondarily by GPA or the AP exam. Students wishing to enroll in Honors or Advanced Placement courses are required to sign a contract to indicate they understand these expectations.


Enrollment Process

  1. To request your Counselor’s approval, fill in the Chabot Dual Enrollment Request Form (Now open for Fall 2021)
  2. Your request will be routed to your counselor for approval.
  3. Once approved, instructions for enrollment will be sent from College & Career Center.

For more information contact:

Concurrent Enrollment

All Concurrent Enrollment paperwork should be sent to your counselor for his/her signature as the principal’s designee.

Ohlone College’s Early College High School Program

Chabot College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program