Mr. James Logan & His Family

Mr. Logan, alongside Mrs. Logan and five out of their twelve children. 

James Logan, a native of Derry, Ireland arrived in Alvarado in 1885. He settled on a farm owned by his relatives, the Joseph McKeowns, whose descendents were still living on the land in 1978.

Logan married a neighboring farmer’s daughter, Rebecca Jane Kerr. After their marriage in 1894, the Logans came to live on the old Kerr property of 100 acres.

The Logan family eventually consisted of 12 children. At the turn of the century, the family purchased a fruit orchard next to John Whipple’s ranch. The children graduated from Washington Union High School. Three of the daughters became teachers at the Decoto Elementary School. Tillie Logan married J.V. “Pop” Goold, principal of Washington Union High School.

After World War II, when Union City’s growth made it necessary to build a new high school to serve that district, the school was named for pioneer James Logan. He had served on the Washington Union HIgh School Board of Trustees for many years and had used his own farming equipment to condition the sports field at the new school.

Logan and Whipple were killed in an auto accident while on their way to a high school football game. Logan’s son, Andrew, was appointed trustee in his father’s place. The Logan farm was sold to developers in 1972.

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Mr. James Logan (on left) with his two brothers. (click to enlarge)

Mr. James Logan (far right) and the Logan family at one of his son's wedding. (click to enlarge)

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