James Logan High School – Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center

The Health Center is open to ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 23. All services are CONFIDENTIAL! Services are FREE to those who qualify.




Services Provided

Youth Empowerment Programs

Health Education

Health Education services are offered to students on a weekly basis. Health Education includes 1:1 or group appointments with a certified Health Educator and can range between 30-60 minutes. Topics include: nutrition and exercise, body image, substance use, HIV/STD prevention counseling, health relationships counseling, peer health education, pregnancy options counseling, family planning, sexual identity, violence prevention and referrals to local health providers.

Peers In Action (Yearlong course, 5 credits)

The Peers In Action (PIA) Program is a yearlong peer education elective course that meets daily where students receive 5 elective units. Any Sophomore, Junior or Senior who has completed the Lifeskills course is eligible to apply. The main focus of the class is to conduct health presentations on topics such as abstinence, birth control, STI’s, healthy relationships and suicide and depression awareness. The presentations are student-designed and are a very effective means of educating youth on the important issues that affect today’s teens. The class focuses on student led topics such as healthy relationships, alcohol/drugs, LGBTQ rights and body image. The class is structured around various group projects and deep discussions, creating a family feeling amongst the peers. The Peer Educators are also responsible for planning an annual school wide community health fair.

Power Of Wellness (POW) (meets every Tuesday, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm)

Power of Wellness (POW) is the Health Center’s after school club, meeting Tuesdays 3:30-5pm. POW is organized with an emphasis on holistic health & overall wellness, focusing on stress management, self-care and self-expression. POW also serves as a means for youth to actively advocate and promote their own perspectives and opinions revolving today’s health and education concerns. The group focuses on topics such as physical health, nutrition, art expression and body image, all while enforcing tools to better manage and understand their mental health. We have fun exploring different art forms, workout and skin care routines as well as cooking recipes as a way to not only release stress, but also heal and improve the emotional, mental and physical state of the group. POW is all about unique self-expression and mindfulness.

Hip-Hop Elements Program (meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school in Staff Lounge)

The Hip-Hop Elements program is a forum for students interested in creative expression through hip-hop. The program focuses on several areas of hip-hop, which include the following: the art of being a Disk Jockey (DJ), Graffiti Art, Breaking Dancing, Master of Ceremony (MC)/Spoken Word, Poetry, Men and Women’s Hip Hop Dancing/Choreography. This past year Hip Hop Elements brought to the campus many performers to speak about their experiences, organized “Mayhem” events during lunch, as well as educated one another on the five elements of hip hop. In addition, the Graffiti Art Element produced a beautiful mural titled “Educate Yourself,” located next to the Logan Health Center (facing H Street). For the upcoming year, these participants shall continue organizing exciting hip hop events with a health focus and developing their hip hop element skills. For more information, please contact Kevin Torion by stopping by the Health Center or stop by the Staff Lounge every Tuesday and Thursday after school.

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1800 H Street
Union City, Ca 94587
CONTACT: 510-690-6044

Monday thru Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Closed for Lunch
12:30pm - 1:30pm

Site Supervisor:

Denice Alvarez


510-471-5907 ext. 3423

Health Educator:

Melissa Banuelos