The calendar below shows the main academic and sporting events scheduled at Logan.  You can click on the "Week" or "Agenda" tabs below to get a different view.  

Scroll to the bottom to see more calendars.

Tip #1:   You can change to week, month, or daily (agenda) view by clicking at top right of calendar.
Tip #2:  If you use your own Google Calendar, you can add any of the JLHS calendars to your own Google calendar in one, simple click.  Just click "+ Google Calendar" at bottom right of the selected calendar(s).  You will then be able to view this calendar(s) in your own Google Calendar.

Other Calendars

Facilities Calendar

To see a detailed listing of all facilities being used at Logan, please use this calendar.

College Visits

Interested in learning more about colleges?  See which ones are available to you on this calendar! 

District Calendars

To see district calendars (instructional, work-year, reporting dates, etc), please click on the link above.


Staff Professional Development

Meetings and training sessions for Logan staff.