Graduation Information

Graduation Ceremony

Date – May 27th, 2023

Time – 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Location – Judson E. Taylor Stadium – James Logan High School

Graduation Rehearsal

Students participating in the in-person Graduation Ceremony must attend MANDATORY rehearsal on Friday, May 26th from 9:00 AM. to 12:00 PM. At rehearsal, each student will receive their five tickets required for entry to the ceremony. The ceremony will be live streamed with details to come soon.

Cap & Gown Ordering

You should have received a packet in the mail from Achievers already. If you haven’t received one make sure to reach out to them with the information listed below. Make sure you order by December 31, 2022 to get the lowest prices. Prices will increase next year. You have the option when ordering to wait until next April/ May to receive your order, or you can pay for shipping and Achievers will start sending out orders at the end of October.

Contact Achievers for Questions or Help.

Open Monday through Friday 9am-4pm:

408-441-7200 Se Habla Español


To order a Cap & Gown please visit and use password: jlhs510

Senior Portraits


Please contact Prestige if you have not taken your portraits! Even if you do not plan on purchasing a portrait, you must take your photos in order to have your photo included in this year’s yearbook. You must schedule your senior portrait by January. The information should have been sent to your email.

To schedule an appointment please visit the Prestige Portraits appointment site at the following link:

Booking Directions:

  1. Choose Hayward as the location and choose a type of session (the page will refresh)
  2. Click on book appointment in the upper right side of screen
  3. Choose Hayward location and select type of session
  4. Select Appointment day and time (there are plenty of appointments available)
  5. Create your own log in and password.
  6. Submit and you will receive your confirmation or be notified to fill in a missing field.

Picture Day Safety | More Senior Portrait Information

Yearbook Information for Seniors

Senior Ads are now available for purchase. The 1/4 page ad is $100 and the 1/8 page ad is $75. Class favorites will be decided later on and Senior Quotes will also be available for purchase. Information regarding class favorites and senior quotes will be communicated to you later. Yearbooks can be ordered at and use the school code 7729.

Exclusion List and other important info to ensure you can participate in all Senior activities and Events

As identified in the student handbook, students will be placed on an exclusion list and may not participate in extracurricular activities if they have 60 or more period cuts/unexcused absences from the start of the school year. Exclusion also extends to students who have been suspended from any incidents involving drugs, alcohol, weapons, harassment, or fighting during the school year.

Students on the Exclusion List will not be able to participate in the extracurricular Class of 2023 events and activities.

Senior Activities


  • Where: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk- subject to change
  • When: May 19th 9 am – 4 pm
  • Details: Tickets go on sale in April.


  • Where: San Franscisco Design Center
  • When: Saturday, April 29th – 7:30 PM
  • Details: Linked here is a video tutorial for how to purchase prom tickets from your Aeries account (the student perspective). Parents, make sure you have your junior or senior selected in the top left corner of the screen, then scroll to the bottom of the menu bar and you should see the same online store featured in the video. If you would like to purchase your ticket with cash or check please have your student see Mr. Malcolm in the 300’s admin office. If your student is on exclusion, DO NOT PURCHASE A TICKET as they will be unable to attend. Students and parents of students on exclusion should have received an email notification of being placed on the exclusion list. If you have questions about exclusion please contact your house principal. Prom ticket prices are as follows:

    April 10th – April 14th Prices: $120 w/o FAFSA discount and $115 with FAFSA discount.

    April 15th – April 21st Prices: $130 w/o FAFSA discount and $125 with FAFSA discount.

    April 22nd – April 25th Prices: $140 w/o FAFSA discount and $135 with FAFSA discount.


Where: Dsineyland Grad Nite & Universal Studios

When: May 30th to May 31st

Details: First Deposit and paperwork due October 10th! Make sure you get them in on time to reserve your spot.

Trip Refund Program:

For an additional $39 you can purchase insurance on your trip allowing you the maximum refund if you need to cancel for personal reasons or if the trip is cancelled due to Covid related venue closures. Below is a chart to help you see the difference in refunds for someone with and without the TRP protection.