JLHS Choir

The James Logan Choir Programs strives to focus on kindness and inclusivity. We want all students to feel welcome, safe, and at home in this program.

The James Logan High School Choir Program consists of 5 different Choirs. Each choir is unique and offers students different kinds of music and experiences.


Competition and Travel

The JLHS Choir program competes in competitions all over the world. They have been to Hawaii, Paris, Puerto Rico, all over the East Coast and to Southern California. Every year the Advanced Concert Choir competes at State Competition. In addition the Women of Advanced Concert Choir also compete at Women’s State Competition.

Travel is not mandatory in the program, but it is a great way to connect with friends and feel truly bonded.

You Raise Me Up - JLHS Choir

I Sing Because I’m Happy - JLHS Advanced Concert Choir

Breathe Again - JLHS Jazz Choir