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K-5 Report Card Calendar 2021-22
Middle School Marks Calendar 2021-22
LOG and DSIS Marks Calendar 2021-22
CCHS Marks Calendar 2021-22
Testing Windows 2021-22

Common References

NWEA Normative Data Reference Chart, 2020 Norms
Grade Level Equivalency Chart 2021-22, NWEA + F&P Levels
Guidelines for Reading Benchmark Assessments, 2021-22

NHUSD Professional Development

The New NWEA “Cut Points” Chart, Google Slides
The New NWEA “Cut Points” Chart, Loom Video (29 min–first 20 min are about the new “cut points” chart, the last 10 minutes are about how to interpret the NWEA Class Report )
NWEA: Using Assessment Results to Inform Instruction (Google Slides)
NWEA: Overview of Reports that Help Inform Instruction (and how to print them) (Google Slides) State Testing & Accessibility: Common Mistakes to Avoid (Google Slides)
State Testing & Accessibility: Common Mistakes to Avoid (Loom)
State Testing & Accessibility: All About Alternate Assessments (Google Slides)



Need a new or refresher Literably training? Check out our training resources here.
Need a quick guide for logging into and assessing on Literably? Download one of the four login guides from the bottom of this Help Center article, according to your district/school’s login method for students.
Need a refresher on how to interpret your Literably dashboard and results? Review the articles below:
Understanding my Teacher Dashboard
Understanding the Assessment History Page
Understanding the Graded Assessment Page
Understanding the Literably Graded Assessment Notification Email
Scoring/Grading Methodology
Running Records Conventions
Are you planning ahead for your data needs? Check out the resources below:
How to export student data from your dashboard and interpret the data.
How to track assessment completion in your district and customize your assessment windows.
Lastly, take a look at our new Literably Blog.

Fountas & Pinnell (requires creating a free account and logging in)
Fountas & Pinnell Instructional Level Expectations for Reading
Fountas & Pinnell Progress Monitoring by Instructional Text Reading Level 10 months
Fountas & Pinnell Instructional Grade-Level Equivalence Chart
Additional Fountas & Pinnell Resources

NWEA Resources

How to Administer NWEA
NWEA Map Growth Normative Data Overview
Overview of MAP Growth Data (NWEA Login Required)
Informing Instruction (NWEA Login Required)
RIT Reference Brochure (NWEA Login Required)
Match RIT to Concepts (NWEA Login Required)
Introduction to the MAP Growth Tests (video, 3:00) (NWEA Login Required)
How to Use NWEA to Inform Report Cards (Google Slides)
How to Use NWEA to Inform Report Cards (Loom, 12 min)
Secondary Grading Guidelines
Grading Guidelines Q&A
Additional Assessment Resources


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