Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is not a new instructional approach, but one that has grown over the last 20 years, especially in recent years, as we strive to address the Common Core State Standards as well as to provide our students with instruction that will best prepare them for an unknown global job market. Through PBL, students will gain a deep understanding of concepts found in the CCSS, in addition to developing success skills needed for college, career, and life.

To gain a foundational understanding of what Project Based Learning is, looks like, sounds like, and more, please access the resources below.

Resources from BIE Buck Institute for Education

Research Supporting Project Based Learning

BIE’s Research Summary: PBL and 21st Century Competencies
Federal Study conducted by WestEd on Effects of Problem Based Economics on High School Economics Instruction
The Autodesk Foundation’s A Review of Research on Project Based Learning

Resources from our PBL Follow-up Professional Developments