Bringing K-12, Industry, and Higher Education Together for Student Success. The Dual Enrollment Program allows Logan students to earn college and high school credits at the same time while still attending High School.

JLHS Dual & Concurrent Enrollment Program

Dual Enrollment FAQ

Pathways are recommendations. You can take them as they are suggested, take individual classes or forge your own path!

If you drop the class before the NGR (No Grade of Record) due date, there will be no notation on your high school or college transcripts. If you withdraw within the withdrawal period, a W will be notated on your college transcript, but no notation will be made on your high school transcript. If you receive a grade in the class, whether it be an ‘A’ or an ‘F’, the grade will be reflected on both your high school and college transcripts. For exact NGR and withdrawal period due dates, please check the Chabot Academic Calendar.

Dual enrollment classes are held either online or after school on the Logan campus.

Students are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes. Failure to follow the withdrawal procedures may result in a grade of “W”, “F” or “NP.” Students who drop before the drop with No Grade of Record (NGR) due date will not have a grade appear on their transcript.

What is an Associate Degree? An associate degree is the first level of non-vocational degree you can pursue following a high school diploma. Typically designed to be completed in two years or less, associate degree programs include introductory courses through which students can start to learn about a particular field or academic discipline. For this reason, the courses in an associate program may overlap with the lower level courses in a bachelor's program of the same field or subject. What is a Bachelor's Degree? A bachelor's degree is the next step after an associate degree and is typically awarded through traditional four-year college programs. In addition to requiring more credit hours to complete, bachelor's programs include more specialized courses that build on the knowledge and information covered in an associate program of the same subject. You are not required to get an associate degree before pursuing a bachelor's, as the requirements for the former are often built into the latter.

Enrollment Process

  1. To request your Counselor’s approval, fill in the Chabot Dual Enrollment Request Form (Now open for Fall 2021)
  2. Your request will be routed to your counselor for approval.
  3. Once approved, instructions for enrollment will be sent from College & Career Center.

For more information contact:

Concurrent Enrollment

All Concurrent Enrollment paperwork should be sent to your counselor for his/her signature as the principal’s designee.

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Chabot College’s Concurrent Enrollment Program

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