Summer School 2018

Summer School 2019: June 24 - July 25

Important Notice:  If you turned in an application for summer school, you must pick up your summer school schedules on Thursday, June 20th. Please come to House 3 between 10am-1pm to pick up your schedule.

Classes run Monday - Thursday
(No school on Thursday, July 4)

For a full Summer School Calendar, Click Here

2019 Summer School Application: Submit Application to Counselor.

2019 Summer School Senior Contract : Submit to Counselor

Summer School Graduation is on July 25th at 6pm in the PAC.

Summer School Contacts: 

Phone: 510-471-2520 ext: 60116 (starting June 22)
Attendance: 510-471-2520 ext: 60143 (starting June 22)

Summer School Administration: 

Principal - Clinton Puckett

Assistant Principal - Mary Small 

Office Staff:
Secretary - Elisa Leon (June 20 - July 18)
Secretary - Uttara Pandya (July 22 - 25)

CST - Roy Miller
CST - Sonia Rodriguez

Click here to see full list of summer school staff, including teachers.


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Important Note:  ALL students must pick up summer school schedules on Thursday, June 20th.  Please come between 10am-1pm to pick up your schedule.

Attendance: Students who do not pick up schedule on June 20th, or do not attend the first day of summer school will be dropped.  Once enrolled, 3 absences will result in a student being dropped from class and no credit earned.  Furthermore, 3 tardies equals 1 absence.

Daily Schedule:

1st Period: 8:00 - 11:00

Lunch: 11:00 - 11:30

2nd Period: 11:30 - 2:30

Lunch Menu  

Staff Resources:

Teacher Quick Reference: Summer School 2018

Teacher Support Referral - use this link to submit a discipline referral or ask for support regarding a specific student.

Student Drop Form - use this link to submit a request to drop a student from summer school.

Book Room Sign Ups - teacher sign ups for taking students to the bookroom to get supplies

Supply Order List (please complete and give to Roonal Salcedo in Supply Room)

Office Depot Copies

Computer Lab - Please call 60115 to reserve  Rm. 511

Teacher Absence? Report Here.

Tech Requests? Email with your request