Resources for Students

Resources for Students

All Logan students are assigned an e-mail account (Gmail) that they need to use throughout their four years at Logan. Student e-mail accounts are reset at the beginning of each year. The username and password are created using the following pattern: 

New Students to NHUSD:  USERNAME: last two digits of last name + first four digits of ID. Examples - Abraham Lincoln with ID number 98765 would have username al9876.

Freshman-Seniors:  USERNAME: last 3 digits of ID + first 3 letters of first name + first 4 letters of last name.  (All one word, all lower case. If name is less than 3 or 4 letters long, please use entire name.)  Example – Abraham Lincoln with ID number 98765 would have username 765abrlinc. 

To Recover Your Password CLICK HERE.

Account Activation and Password Recovery For GMAIL- 

Open your chromebook.  Look in the lower left hand corner where it says "Apps." You will find a new App titled 'NHUSD Account Activation'. The Chromebook may require a reboot or two to get the new app to appear. You will need to know three pieces of information to complete the process:

1) Your Student ID

2) Any phone number documented in Q for one of your primary contacts (mom, dad, etc.)

3) The name of the street that you live on; just the street name, not the number or the type of street (Rd, Ave, etc.).

If you successfully enters these three pieces of information the system will allow you to set/reset your password.  This page will also show them your Google ID in the top right corner (in the form ab1234 for new students, 123JohSmit for existing students).

You will need to reboot the device to get our of the activation app.

If you have any trouble putting in the correct information or are struggling with this process, please go to your house office and see your SST who can reboot your password for them.

Chromebook Repairs

Please fill out the Chromebook Repair Form before taking your Chromebook to the Book Room at James Logan.  

Repair process:

  1. Student fills out Chromebook Repair Form and drops off damaged Chromebook in Book Room

  2. Book Room issues a "loaner" Chromebook to student while original is being repaired (depends on availability)

  3. School technicians repair Chromebook and student is billed for replacement parts (no labor cost)

  4. Book Room returns original Chromebook, collects loaner, and informs student of bill

  5. Student pays bill in Main Office

  6. IF student has insurance, student files claim with insurance company to get reimbursed for bill 

Visit the Chromebook page for general information.

Logging into Chromebook - see directions.  

Free/Reduced Lunch Program

Free and Reduced-Price Meals are available to families who believe they may qualify. If your family chooses to apply, please complete an ONLINE Free and Reduced Meal Price Application Form.  For a paper application, please visit any of the offices at James Logan, or the main cafeteria.  (Please note that the processing time for paper application is longer than the online form.)

Please note that a new meal application must be submitted at the beginning of each school year.

In addition to the reduced priced meal, there are other significant benefits - 

  • Subsidized Advanced Placed (AP) exams - pay only $5.00 per exam vs. $95
  • Receive an AC Transit and UC Transit bus pass for FREE
  • Reduced cost for SAT, ACT, and other college preparatory exams
  • Reduced college application fees (including UC and CSU)
  • Eligibility for increased scholarships and financial aid
  • Low price Internet services
  • Subsidized services such as dental prevention care, and much more

SAT and ACT Prep Resources at James Logan

Are you in need of SAT or ACT prep resources.  James Logan High School is pleased to offer all students access to online prep classes through Albert.IO.  All you need is a James Logan email account to sign-up at  Then click here to choose the appropriate prep class enrollment code and join the classes you need to prepare and succeed on the SAT or ACT.  If you have any questions, see your counselor.

Student Connection  |  Q  

Student Connection is our web portal designed to give you more access to your educational information - grades, attendance, transcript, discipline, etc.  In order for you to access your information, you must complete a short activation process to ensure we have up-to-date information for your account.

As of Monday, 9/26, the way you log into the Student Portal has changed. Instead of using your student ID, please enter the same username you use for Google. You only need to use the part to the left of the @ sign. For example, if your District email address is you will use 123JohSmit. Your password is the same you use to access Google Apps, your Chromebook, etc.

If your password does not work, please complete the following steps to synchronize your passwords.

  1. From a District-owned Chromebook click the Apps link at the bottom-left corner of the login window. If on another device, click here.
  2. Choose NHUSD Account Activation.
  3. Enter the requested information
  4. Set your password.

This is the password you will use now to log into the Student Portal, Google Apps, Chromebooks, and Destiny (the library system).



Tutoring and Help with Homework

Algebra 1 Tutoring

 Click image to download copy of schedule

Click image to download copy of schedule

Geometry Tutoring Schedule

 Click image to download copy of schedule

Click image to download copy of schedule

Mr. Prucha's Math Mentoring Program

 Click image to be redirected to Mr. Prucha's website

Click image to be redirected to Mr. Prucha's website

 Click image for more information

Click image for more information

 Click on image to download flyer

Click on image to download flyer

Bullying Complaint

James Logan High School is a safe place for all students.  Any form of harassment or bullying is not permitted.  Furthermore, Seth's Law (AB 9) allows for specific guidelines for schools in California to follow when addressing instances of bullying.  Please see below bullying complaint forms that can be submitted to an administrator.

Detailed information can also be found on the State Department of Education website.

To report an incident, please use the following form - English | Spanish

Coping with Grief

Grief is a natural response to losing someone or something that is important to you.  You may feel a variety of emotions like sadness or loneliness.  And you might experience it for a number of different reasons.  

Coping or dealing with grief is different for everyone, but it's important to know that you are not alone.  Some tips for coping include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Allow yourself to experience the pain of loss.  As much as it hurts, it is natural and normal to grieve
  • Talk to others, such as your parents, trusted advisors, or your School Counselor
  • Find creative outlets and try to engage in physical activity to keep your mind, spirit, and body healthy
  • Give yourself a break from grieving
  • Finally, forgive yourself and be patient

13 Reasons Why Netflix Series...

Talking Points - a useful guide to support the difficult conversations about suicide which may be brought on by this series.

Additional support services if you are struggling with your own personal challenges:                                                                                            

Employment Resources

Career Center
Description: Helps students interested in work experience or vocational education. Provides career, college and community service information. Test registration for SAT, ACT, PSAT. PACT, ASVAB. Registration and Information for ROP courses.
Contact: TBD, Career Center Technician, or call 471-2520 ext. 60168

School-to-Career Program
Description: Logan's School-to-Career Program expands students' options for their futures, by teaching them specific career skills and by providing hands-on learning integrated with a relevant, rigorous curriculum.
The Academies offered include: Marketing and Management
Contact: Wil Richberg, Coordinator, or call 471-2520 ext. 60169

Workablitiy Program
Description: Services for special education students. Provides assistance to students to aid in their eventual transition to life after high school. Services include job placement, vocational counseling and awareness, college and trade school application assistance, work-based learning experiences and referrals to outside transition services providers.
Contact: TBD

School Year Work Permit

Learn about off campus resources available for students and families - hotlines/helplines, shelters, support groups, employment and training, medical and health.  Click here to learn more.