Student Email



All Logan students are assigned an e-mail account (Gmail) that they need to use throughout their four years at Logan. Student e-mail accounts are reset at the beginning of each year. The username and password are created using the following pattern: 

New Students to NHUSD:  USERNAME: last two digits of last name + first four digits of ID. Examples - Abraham Lincoln with ID number 98765 would have username al9876.

Freshman-Seniors:  USERNAME: last 3 digits of ID + first 3 letters of first name + first 4 letters of last name.  (All one word, all lower case. If name is less than 3 or 4 letters long, please use entire name.)  Example – Abraham Lincoln with ID number 98765 would have username 765abrlinc. 

To Recover Your Password CLICK HERE.


Account Activation and Password Recovery For GMAIL- 

Open your chromebook.  Look in the lower left hand corner where it says "Apps." You will find a new App titled 'NHUSD Account Activation'. The Chromebook may require a reboot or two to get the new app to appear. You will need to know three pieces of information to complete the process:

1) Your Student ID

2) Any phone number documented in Q for one of your primary contacts (mom, dad, etc.)

3) The name of the street that you live on; just the street name, not the number or the type of street (Rd, Ave, etc.).

If you successfully enters these three pieces of information the system will allow you to set/reset your password.  This page will also show them your Google ID in the top right corner (in the form ab1234 for new students, 123JohSmit for existing students).

You will need to reboot the device to get our of the activation app.

If you have any trouble putting in the correct information or are struggling with this process, please go to your house office and see your SST who can reboot your password for them.