Staff Meetings & Professional Development

Staff Meetings & Professional Development

Staff Meetings 2018-19

In 2018-19, staff meetings will be devoted to WASC preparation and grading pilot discussions (alternating meetings).

WASC Preparation Staff Meetings:
October 8
December 17
March 4
(There will also be a half-day release for all Focus Groups)

WASC Focus Groups

Grading Pilot Staff Meetings:
September 10
November 5
February 4
April 15
May 13

Grading Pilot Groups

Staff Meeting Materials:

Staff Meeting - August 27, 2018: Slideshow | Preference Form

Staff Meeting - September 10,2018:  Slideshow | Exit Ticket

Staff Meeting - November 5, 2018: Slideshow | Exit Ticket

CAASPP/SBAC Training Materials
(2017-18 school year)

SBAC Testing Bell Schedule >>

Math Dept Training Slideshow >>
   Initial Proctor List >>


Academic Discourse:

The Google document below contains a list of strategies that can be used to facilitate academic discourse in the classroom.  Please contact Theresa Clark for more info.  

Interacting in Meaningful Ways