Senior Activities 2019

Information on senior activities - grad trip, graduation, etc

2018-2019 Senior Activities

Graduation Practice

Where: On the Logan Turf

When: Friday June 14th from 10am-12pm

Details: Practice for the big day!

Graduation Ceremony

Where: On the Logan Turf

When: Saturday June 15th from 9am-12pm

Details: You finish your High School experience!

Parent / Family Letters

In order to help families plan for graduation, we will communicate via email and letters mailed home.  Please see copies of the letters mailed home linked below:

Closing down your NHUSD Email / Google Account

As you complete your senior year we want to let you know that we will shut down your NHUSD G Suite (Google) account at the end of June. Many of you have content that you will want to keep. 

Here are two options for transferring your data:

  1. Google Takeout ( this system lets you download your G Suite content (mail, docs, sheets, etc.) to a computer. You can, for example, download all of your Docs as Microsoft Word Documents or as OpenDocument Format files that can be opened in LibreOffice.

  2. Alternatively, if you have a personal account, you can directly transfer your files to that account. Follow these instructions:


Students used a Google form to request tickets for graduation ceremony.  As you may already know, the Union City Police and Fire Departments have limited the seating to max capacity in the stadium.  Therefore, we had to limit every graduate to 5 tickets.  Students who requested up to 3 additional tickets, were issued additional tickets using a lottery system.  

We will stream the graduation ceremony live on YouTube, and broadcast it in the Pavilion – all family members not able to participate in the stadium are welcome to watch the ceremony live in the Pavilion (no tickets needed for entrance in the Pavilion).  


Diploma Name Corrections

Please note that diplomas are legal documents and are printed with student's legal name. No changes can be made to add undocumented names, including undocumented step-parent surnames, unless a student provides a copy of birth certificate. If name has been LEGALLY changed, please provide a copy of the court document with the official “Filed” stamp.

Corrections may be made for the following reasons:

  • Spelling, punctuation, spacing, or capitalization errors

  • Request your middle initial “only” - if you do not wish for your full middle name to be printed on your diploma or you can ask that it not be printed at all.

  • Request your full middle name to be printed if the list shows only your middle initial. If there is nothing there, you will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate so we may add your middle name.

Please review the DIPLOMA NAME LIST If there are any corrections needed, please visit Ms. Quintal in the Main Office.  Deadline to submit name change is Friday, April 13.

Senior Portraits

Please call Prestige 510-372-1525 if you have not taken your portraits! Even if you do not plan on purchasing a portrait, you must take your photos in order to have your photo included in this year's yearbook. All photos must be taken by 12/06/18 in order to be in the yearbook. Senior class photo TBA… look for info in your email.

Yearbook Information for Seniors

If you or your family is interested in purchasing a Senior ad for the back of the yearbook, cost is $75 for 1/8 of a page or $100 for 1/4 of a page.  They can purchase the message at Voting for senior favorites will come out this November. Senior quotes for the yearbook will available during the second semester.

Achievers Announcements and Dates

All seniors participating in the graduation ceremony must wear a cap and gown (black for male and red for female). Place your order before prices go up!

  1. Order Days in Colt Court from 5:00-7:30 pm- Mon. Nov. 5th (A-H), Wed. Nov. 7th (I-P), Thur. Nov. 8th (Q-Z)

    • Make-Up day December 12th at Lunch

  2. Distribution- Weds. April 17th 1:00-2:30pm (A-L) and Thur. April 18th 2:30-4:00pm (M-Z)

  3. Cap & Gown orders: Password: jlhs510


Where: Craneway Pavilion

When: May 18th from 7-11 pm

Details: Tickets will go on sale in March! There will be fundraising opportunities to offset the cost of tickets.

Senior Scare

Where: Little Theatre

When: Wednesday October 31st from 2:30pm- 5:30pm

Details: Like to get spooked? Come check out a scary movie with your classmates before you go trick or treating! Cost is only $2! Permission slips available in room 68.

Seoane James Outstanding Senior Award

This prestigious award commemorates two students, Richard Seoane and Leland James.  The Seoane James Award is the highest non-academic award that a graduating senior can be nominated for.  The faculty and students nominate seniors who have demonstrated significant service to Logan, to the community, and who have strong, but not necessarily outstanding, academic achievement.  Out of all the nominees, 6 finalists (usually 3 male and 3 female) are selected to be interviewed by the selection committee from which two students (usually one male and one female) are chosen to receive the award.  Please use the application below to nominate a student, or yourself.  

Download Seoane James Outstanding Senior Award application

Senior Picnic

Where: TBD

When: June 7th All Day

Details: Tickets go on sale in May


Grad Night

Where: Disneyland Grad Nite and Universal Studios

When: June 12th and 13th

Details: First Deposit and paperwork due November 9th! Make sure you get them in on time to reserve your spot. (Link to be posted soon)