RP: Student & Teacher Testimonials

Restorative Practices

Student & Teacher Testimonials

October 2013 feedback from House Principal Mary Rodriguez at James Logan High School:
This was a girl drama situation that had already taken up the time of two administrators for two days in trying to come to resolution.  In addition, we were focusing almost all of our campus safety personnel on trying to prevent an altercation on campus.  Participating in the (my first) harm circle was a different experience. It felt uncomfortable and when we finished, the adults were all in consensus that it may or may not have been very effective. Much to our surprise, upon checking in with the young ladies, they were doing great, were not having conflict and were interacting positively in class and around campus. I was stunned. Since the harm circle, we have not had to spend any additional time trying to resolve conflict among this group of four young ladies who have a history of drama dating back three years. The harm circle was an excellent use of time on our end. I believe it has taken at least one road block to education out of they way for the four young ladies who participated.

2012-13 feedback from STUDENTS in James Logan's ICL program (RP pilot site):

  • "I feel like my teacher is more understanding of me now.  He still calls me out, but he is nicer about it."
  • "I feel that these circle things are good to get our mind out of school and chill.  School is very stressing."
  • "It's a good way to get to know people in your class.  I want this to keep on going."
  • "It works for me because people can understand the real me."
  • "It helps us connect and know each other better."
  • "You can learn things about people you didn't know about and you can change how you are with them in a good positive way."
  • "I think this is amazeballs because it allows us to be ourselves."
  • "I think it helps us to be more positive."
  • "We get to express our feelings and learn about who we really are."

2012-13 feedback from TEACHERS in James Logan's ICL program (RJ pilot site):

  • As a result, "students view me as a person"
  • "We have developed a signal so I know when she needs space to cool down."
  • "Behavior has not improved 100% but he responds appropriately when I prompt him."
  • "This process is going to work in the long run, I'm sure of it.  I have started seeing great change towards the end of the year so I can tell it just takes time."
  • "She really is trying harder, not just to respect me but also to achieve in class. ....today.... it was nice to be able to provide positive feedback to her.  I really tried to praise her and let her know I see her trying."
  • "the student used the "n" word again in class but he immediately apologized, which is a big improvement for him.  He also met his agreement for me and was responsible about it.  He's one ofmy most difficult kids so I think this is progress."