Course Registration 2017-18

Course Registration 2017-18

The information on this page is intended to help guide students through the pre-registration process. Logan counselors present information about the registration process to groups of students by grade level then meet with them individually to ensure that their course selections are a good fit. All students should review the course catalog before registering for classes.


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Course Comparisons

How do I know if I'm ready to take an Honors or Advance Placement (AP) class?  Click on any active link below to view a comparison between the different levels and the expectations that each course offers, such as in-class work, activities and homework.  Please keep in mind that these comparisons are intended to inform students of course expectations prior to registering for classes and nothing more.  Students should also carefully consider their workload when deciding to take more than two Honors or AP classes.  Contact your School Counselor if you have any questions.  

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Institute of Community Leaders

The Institute of Community Leaders is a college preparatory program inside of James Logan High School; it's a school-within-a-school. The students in this program are Logan students who plan on graduating with all the pre-requisites needed for a four-year college or university. This program was designed with a prescribed course sequence that ensures students have every opportunity to meet and exceed the requirements for college. In order to reach that goal students receive both rigorous academic coursework and a variety of support.   

Watch video on right or click here to learn more about ICL.

View Grade Level Presentations or Download Course Registration Forms

Grade 10 going to 11

Grade 11 going to 12

Welcome 8th graders

  • Presentation:  March 23, 2017

Grade 9 going to 10

Entering Course Requests Online

Watch video to learn how to enter course requests online.  


This video shows how students can enter course requests into Student Connect (Q).  Watch on YouTube >>

Elective Course Offerings

Elective Courses at Logan

Logan offers a variety of semester-long and year-long elective courses.  This video showcases some of our year-long elective courses.  Please review the course catalog for details on the course, or see your counselor.

Mission Valley ROP Courses

MVROP offers a variety of elective courses at Logan and at the MVROP campus in Fremont.  The video below showcases courses offered at the Fremont campus.  
Read more: ROP Courses at Logan and the Fremont Center

Interested in Honors / AP courses?

JLHS supports any student who wants to accept the challenges of an advanced class. However, the opportunity to be in advanced placement or honors classes carries with it certain assumptions about the skills and maturity of students who will be doing advanced or college level work. It is hoped that students are primarily motivated by an appreciation for the subject and secondarily by GPA or the AP exam.

All students taking an AP or Honors class must sign the AP/Honors Contract and submit to their counselor with their registration form.

Read more about Logan's AP/Honors program.

Interested in engineering?

Learn about Logan's engineering pathway!

Learn about Logan's engineering pathway!