Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of James Logan High School, a uniquely large and diverse community of students, families and staff, is to equitably serve, nurture and educate every student to become an empowered, socially and culturally conscious graduate who is a knowledgeable, respectful, positively contributing member of society by providing a safe, inclusive, anti-biased, anti-racist environment characterized by relevant, challenging, evolving curriculum which promotes maximum achievement and life-long learning.

We Believe That:

all people have equal worth;

all people can and do learn throughout life;

all people want to learn and succeed;

the human capacity to learn is limitless;

individuals are responsible for their choices and actions;

integrity is essential for building a relationship of trust and respect;

hard work is necessary for people to achieve their full potential;

high expectations bring higher results;

a safe and caring environment is essential for people to thrive;

diversity is an asset which enriches and strengthens our community;

the family experience is the primary influence in the development and learning of a child;

a quality education expands opportunities and empowers individuals throughout life;

education is the shared responsibility of the entire community;

public education is essential to a democratic society.

School-wide Learning Outcomes

The 3 I’s represent key characteristics of a Logan student and explain how students will contribute to their larger community. These outcomes also identify key activities, student work and school resources that support this development. These 3 I’s will be used to help us focus our efforts and resources in helping move our school forward.

While at James Logan High School, students will be able to explore, develop, and master skills and knowledge over time.  Students will demonstrate:
· Curiosity
· Mastery
· Continuous Learning

While at James Logan High School, students will develop an understanding of themselves and an openness to Logan’s diverse cultures, thereby enriching and strengthening society.  Students will demonstrate:
· Cultural Understanding
· Global Knowledge
· Social Responsibility

While at James Logan High School, students will be supported in being honest, respectful to all, and will be given opportunities to demonstrate personal responsibility.  Students will demonstrate:
· Honesty
· Respect
· Personal responsibility