ICL Tutoring


ICL teachers and administrators have worked hard over the last few years to support our students however we can. Since we began in 2011 we have had a MARS program -- Mandatory After School Revision Session -- for students struggling with homework completion and grades. However, while many students have been helped by MARS, it still has not been enough to help many of our students raise their grades.

We think we can do better.

We believe we have a more successful approach: rather than requiring struggling students to stay after for extra help, we will be inviting ALL ICL students to regular ICL tutoring with staff members after school and at lunch.

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend ICL Tutoring, whether they want to focus on maintaining their high grades, get extra help in a specific subject, or have a place to work on homework before they get home.

Please find ICL Teachers' Office Hours here.


Cocoa & Cram Winter 2015

Cocoa & Cram Winter 2015