ICL Parent Corner

ICL Parent Corner 

What can I do to support my student?

In ICL, we ask parents to do three things

  1. Check your student’s ICL Planner every day, to make sure they’re writing down all homework.

  2. Ensure your student is doing two-hours of study time each week night. If homework is finished early, they should read, do flashcards, and study.

  3. Check your student’s grades regularly—whether via progress reports, ParentConnect, StudentConnect, or report cards/cinch reports.

Parent Meetings | 2019-2020

We welcome all ICL students and their families to join us at our ICL Parent Meetings. All meetings take place in the Reference Room of the James Logan High School Library, from 6:30 to 7:30.

Thursday, September 19

Welcome to ICL, and introduction to the EAOP.

Thursday, October 24

Understanding ICL’s course sequence, Logan graduation requirements, and a-g college requirements

Thursday, December 12

Preparing for Final Exams

Thursday, March 26

Preparing for Testing

Thursday, May 14

College exploration and preparation over the summer