Institute of Community Leaders (ICL) 

Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners!

  • Paola Alvarado -- Naomi Aylesworth Scholarship and U.C. Police Officer's Association Scholarship
  • Ariana Banuelos -- Migrant PAC Education Scholarship
  • Tia Keanaaina -- Walt Oden Athletic Training Scholarship
  • Azael Lopez -- Migrant PAC Education Scholarship
  • Steven Rodriguez -- La Causa Nueva Scholarship
  • Blanca Rojas -- Erica Lepe Memorial Scholarship
  • Juan (Danny) Roque -- V & J DeAnda Family Scholarship
  • Mishal Sharifi -- U.C. Human Relations Scholarship

This year's ICL Students won 12% of all of the scholarships awarded at Logan, for a grand total of $6875!

Learn about the amazing ICL program at James Logan High School.

The Institute of Community Leaders is a college preparatory program inside of James Logan High School; it's a school-within-a-school. The students in this program are Logan students who plan on graduating with all the pre-requisites needed for a four-year college or university. This program was designed with a prescribed course sequence that ensures students have every opportunity to meet and exceed the requirements for college. In order to reach that goal students receive both rigorous academic coursework and a variety of support.   

Although this program opened in Fall 2011 with our first cohort of 9th graders, the planning and work for this new program began in Fall of 2008. It has been a long journey! Founding and participating team members include (in alphabetical order): Dorothy Allen, Abhi Brar, Erin Cross, Alicia Elbert, Teri Lampi, Jessica Lange, David Loyd, Amy McNamara, Stephanie Papas, Rev. Rick Perry (COR), Ed Raco, Jodie Schwartzfarb, Meghan Sobcienski, and Karen Yifru. 

Our work has been influenced by many schools and people! Joe Feldman, former Director of Secondary Education in New Haven Unified helped us learn what small successful schools look like around the country and provided us with lots of data and professional reading.  Dr. Olivia Lynch, former Director of Professional Learning Systems for the School Redesign Network at Stanford University's School of Education and current Director of Secondary Education in New Haven worked with us for the past three years to help us focus on the important pieces, and guided us in creating a structure that would work. Also, Enid Lee a nationally acclaimed Educational Consultant on equity and literacy worked with the planning team do establish our collective instructional philosophy and strategies. We also conducted many site visits to other successful small schools in the Bay Area, and we've borrowed some "best practices" from each of them and made them our own. We've learned from Oceana High School, Summit Preparatory, Irvington High School, Conley-Carabello High School, and Hillsdale.  We have collaborated formally and informally with a multitude of other schools and educational leaders in designing this program, and we continue to reach out, collaborate and learn from other professionals as much as we can.  


ICL Exhibition Night 2015! Click image to see more...

ICL Exhibition Night 2015!
Click image to see more...