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Buy PE uniform, AP exams & donate!

Buy PE uniform, AP exams & donate!

Institute of Community Leaders (ICL)

Institute of Community Leaders (ICL)

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Click here for Youth Connection, a way for you to ask questions or share thoughts with the Union City Police Department. 

Union City Police press release about incident on H Street on Saturday, Jan 9, 2015 - CLICK HERE

Upcoming Events

The calendar above shows the major academic and sporting events.  View all calendars >>

Logan Live is broadcast most school days at the beginning of second period: 9:10 AM Wednesdays, 9:25 AM other weekdays. Check this page to see if we’re streaming a show live today.

If you miss the live broadcast, check to see if the show is available online.

School-wide Learning Outcomes

The 3 I’s represent key characteristics of a Logan student and explain how students will contribute to their larger community. These outcomes also identify key activities, student work and school resources that support this development. These 3 I’s will be used to help us focus our efforts and resources in helping move our school forward.

While at James Logan High School, students will be able to explore, develop, and master skills and knowledge over time.  Students will demonstrate:
· Curiosity
· Mastery
· Continuous Learning

While at James Logan High School, students will develop an understanding of themselves and an openness to Logan’s diverse cultures, thereby enriching and strengthening society.  Students will demonstrate:
· Cultural Understanding
· Global Knowledge
· Social Responsibility

While at James Logan High School, students will be supported in being honest, respectful to all, and will be given opportunities to demonstrate personal responsibility.  Students will demonstrate:
· Honesty
· Respect
· Personal responsibility

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