Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The information below represents the minimum requirements to earn a high school diploma. Note that most college-bound students and athletes take additional courses in science, math, ethnic studies, visual and performing arts, and foreign languages to meet college entrance requirements.

In addition to the academic requirements described below, the following are also required for graduation with a diploma:

  • An overall grade point average (GPA) of 2.0

  • 20 Hours of Community Service

See more details on page 2-3 of the Course Catalog

Required Department

English Language Arts (ELA) 
Social Science
Life Science
Physical Science
Physical Education
Fine Arts (Either VAPA or Foreign Lang) or CTE
Ethnic Studies

Total Credits Required 

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Required Credits

40 credits
30 credits
10 credits
10 credits
20 credits
20 credits
10 credits
5 credits
75 credits

220 credits

Community Service

In order to graduate, each student must complete at least 20 hours of community service. The approved list of community service is in a handout found in the Career Center in Colt Court. If students choose to do community service that is not on the list, the activity must be approved PRIOR TO BEGIN-NING THE ACTUAL COMMUNITY SERVICE. Students may fulfill the community service requirement through projects that are available in the elective courses listed below. These projects focus on some aspects of the course content and must be completed outside of the regular school day.

Courses that offer projects that may meet community service graduation requirement:

  • Band Sectionals

  • Concert Choir

  • Ecology

  • Electronic Media Production

  • Jazz Ensemble

  • Jazz Singers

  • Marching Band Auxiliary

  • Marketing & Management I, II

  • Peers in Action

  • Show Choir


Grade Point Average (GPA) 

Grade Point Average is calculated using student’s semester grades, as following:
A = 4.0 (Honors/AP Weighted GPA: A = 5.0)
B = 3.0 (Honors/AP Weighted GPA: B = 4.0)
C = 2.0 (Honors/AP Weighted GPA: C = 3.0)
D = 1.0 (Honors/AP Weighted GPA: D = 1.0)
F = 0.0

Logan transcripts list four types of GPAs used for different purposes:

Overall GPA: calculated using grades earned in all courses from grade 9 to 12. It is not weighted. This GPA is used to determine eligibility for graduation and athletic eligibility.

Weighted GPA: calculated using grades earned in all courses from grade 9 to 12, with extra grade points given for honors and AP courses. This GPA is used to calculate honor rolls.

UC / CSU A-G Weighted GPA: calculated using grades in only “a - g” courses during grades 10 to 12. This GPA is used to determine college eligibility, and graduation honors at JLHS. It is often called “college GPA.”

State GPA: calculated using grades earned in all courses from grade 10 to 12, except PE and non academic courses (such as Teacher Assistant). It is not weighted. This GPA is used to determine eligibility for Cal grants.

Typical Grade Level Schedule

The course sequence below depicts a typical student. It is based on a student taking six courses each semester. Note that this is NOT the required sequences of courses at Logan. Many students elect to take additional/different courses depending on career/college aspirations.

 Grade 9 - Freshman
1. English 1
2. Math (Algebra 1 or Higher)
3. Biology
4. PE
5. Ethnic Studies / Life Skills
6. Elective


Grade 10 - Sophomore
1. English 2
2. Math (Geometry or Higher)
3. Chemistry
4. World Studies
5. PE
6. Elective


Grade 11 - Junior
1. American Lit
2. US History
3. Elective
4. Elective
5. Elective
6. Elective

Grade 12 - Senior
1. Expository Reading & Writing
2. APS / Econ
3. Elective
4. Elective
5. Elective
6. Elective