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The Grading PLC will utilize all three grading practices and collaborate as a PLC. The PLC will meet during release time to discuss and strategize about school growth around Grading.

Equidistant Grading

Teachers will use a grading scale in which all grade (A, B, C, D, F) are of equal "distance" from one another. Click here to read more about the equidistant grading scale and how teachers will apply it to their gradebook.

Q Gradebook Set-up: How to Apply Equidistant Grading Scale

How to Translate Assignment Scores from Numbers to Letter Grades (Ex: Is 58/75 a C+ or B-?)

How to use the number pad on your Mac Mini (teacher computer) to enter letter grades

Guidelines for Using Common Assessments

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Reeves, Douglas. “Case against the Zero” Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 86, No. 4. December 2004. pp. 324-325.

Formative & Summative Weighting

Teachers will use two main categories for all graded work: 

  • Formative: used while instruction is occurring and helps inform teacher on how to modify instruction

  • Summative: information gathered and reported for use in judging the outcome of that development

Redos & Retakes

Teachers will allow students to retake or redo formative and summative assessments so that students can show what they know, understand, and can apply. Teachers will develop classroom policies on how students are allowed retakes and redos.

Wormelli, Rick. "Redos and Retakes Done Right." Education Leadership, Vol. 69, No. 3, Nov. 2011 pp. 22-26

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Grading Using Rubrics & Student Portfolios

Teachers will ensure that students understand in advance how their grades will be determined through the use of rubrics and student work portfolios.

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