Field Trip Planning

Field Trip Planning

Field trips can provide a valuable educational opportunity for students.  This page is designed to help teachers/advisors plan a field trip.  

All field trip requests require the following:

  • Field Trip Request Form

  • Parent Letter

  • Itinerary

  • Field Trip Permission Slip (Parent Signature)

  • Field Trip Permission Slip (Teacher Signatures)

  • Driver Date Form (if you or a volunteer is driving students)

Important things to note:

  • Before planning a trip, please check with Main Office staff if sub coverage will be available on day of trip. (Contact Kimberly Quintal)

  • A certificated staff member must be present for all field trips. Students cannot be supervised by a non-certificated staff member; including classified management.

Field Trip Form


All overnight or out of state field trips require Board approval and must be received at the ESC 60 days prior to departure.

All one day/within California field trip requests must be received at the ESC 30 days prior to departure.

Click below for PDF forms:

Parent Letter

All field trip request forms must have a parent letter attached.  Open the document, make a copy, edit information in the document, and attach it to the field trip form.

Click here for parent letter template.

Field Trip Itinerary

All field trip request forms must have an itinerary attached.  You may use the sample itinerary posted here as a model.  

Click here for sample itinerary.

Permission Slips (2 pages)


All field trip request forms must have a sample permission slip attached. 

Before the field trip, all students are required to submit their permission slips to teacher/advisor organizing the trip. 

Click below for PDF forms: