Daily Bulletin

Announcement 10/24/16


  • Tickets for our Homecoming Dance on October 29th are on sale at lunch at the student windows. Tickets are $5 with ASB, and $7 without. Get them early because prices will go up.  If you need to get your ASB sticker, come to rm. 67 at lunch and after school.                            

CLASS (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen)     

  • Seniors!  Do you and your friends want to personalize a page in the back of the yearbook, or does your family want to dedicate a page to you? Come to room 223 for a flyer with prices and more information. Prices vary from $65-$200 based on color and size!      

  • Seniors: We need your baby photos! Please submit baby photos to Room 223 or to JamesLoganYearbook@gmail.com. Please include the name of the Senior when sending in the photo. Please send these before the December 20th deadline.                                 


  • Don’t have a plan after High School?  Do you feel unprepared for college?  Come to Room 406 on Wednesday, October 26 after school.  Bring your friends.                                                                             

  • Come join Filipino Youth Association.  Every Tuesday after school in Room 414.  

  • James Logan’s Mindful Monday Meditation Practice  will take place again today during 4th period lunch at 11:45 in Room 207, and during 5th period lunch at 12:50 in Room 228.  All who would like to be present, more healthy, and just plain happier are welcome.                  


  • Remember to bring your testing ticket and current ID when taking the SAT or ACT tests.  Current ID can be a Driver's License, State ID, Passport or School ID.  School ID must be the actual ID (not a photocopy), and it must be for the current school year!

  •  PSAT will be given at JLHS on Nov. 2nd. PSAT tickets are being sold at the student window and can be purchased on line. Tickets will be sold on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at lunchtime only. Tickets will cost $25 and are payable by check or cash at student window and on line with a charge card. Checks should be made payable to JLHS (James Logan H.S.)   If you have any questions, see Ms. Hull in House 2.

  • PSAT will be given to all 10th graders. There is no charge for 10th graders to take the test. However if you are a 11th grader there is a $25 fee to take the test. Tickets may be purchased online or at the student window.  Ticket sales will end Oct. 27th.  If you have any questions, see Ms. Hull in House 2.

  • If you purchased a PSAT ticket on line you can pick up the student study guide at the student window. Also just a reminder that on test day you will need to have a copy of your online ticket receipt and your student ID to get into the test. Any questions see Ms. Hull in House 2.

  • Yearbooks are on sale for $95 without ASB, $85 with ASB. 

  •  Students the hallways in the Main Building are closed during lunch.  This includes the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s classrooms.  If you need to go across from Colt Court to the 200s or 300s or the other way around, please use the hallway by the library or go around the main building.  The hallways are closed so that classes that are being held in the Main Building are not disturbed during lunch.

  • Life Touch pictures that were ordered in August, and the make-up pictures have arrived.  Please come into the Main Office to pick them up.

  • Do you need help with College applications?  Come by the Reference Room today during lunch to get College Applications support.  For questions see Ms. Stephanie at the College and Career Center.

  • Our first Blood Drive of the year is Nov. 9th in the Old Band Room. Signup at the student windows in the main office at lunch and after school. Help save a life.

  •  Do you love Halloween?  Do you need community service? Then consider the following two events. Running Dead Fun Run on Sunday October 23 7a.m.-1p.m.  Dress up as a zombie (makeup is provided if needed) Meet at Union City Library.

  • Halloween Carnival on Sunday October 30 12-5 pm.   You must wear a costume.  Meet at the Holly Community Center (31600 Alvarado Blvd in Union City)