Daily Bulletin

Announcement 9/28/15



  • There will be a mandatory sign-up meeting Wednesday, September 30 after school in the Mat Room (next to the weight room). Anyone interested in going the boys and girls wrestling team should plan on attending. Important information will be given at that time.

CLASS (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen)

  • Seniors! Credit recovery begins today after school in room 407.  Come ready with your chrome book charged.  If you are interested in making up credits to graduate on time, go see your counselor for an application. 


  • BSU (Black Student Union) meeting are every Thursday at 3:45 p.m. in Room 529.

  •  BSU Step is today after school in Room 529.


  • Remember to bring your testing ticket and current ID when taking the SAT or ACT tests.  Current ID can be a Driver's License, State ID, Passport or School ID.  School ID must be the actual ID (not a photocopy), and it must be for the current school year! 

  • PSAT tickets are now on sale until October 12 at the student window. Tickets will be sold on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at lunchtime only. Tickets will cost $25 and are payable by check or cash. Make checks payable to JLHS (James Logan H.S.) If you have any questions, see Ms. Hull in House 2.

  •   PSAT will be given to all 10th graders on October 14.  There is no charge for 10th graders to take the test and you do not need a ticket.  However if you are a 11th grader there is a $25 fee to take the test.  You can purchase tickets online or at the student window. If you have any questions, see Ms. Hull in House 2.  

  •   Students the hallways in the Main Building are closed during lunch.  This includes the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s classrooms.  If you need to go across from Colt Court to the 200s or 300s... or the other way around, please use the hallway by the library or go around the main building.  The hallways are closed so that classes that are being held in the Main Building are not disturbed during lunch. 

  • Students, a reminder about personal electronic devices: playing music on speakers on campus is not allowed. Please make sure that you are not playing music on your speakers while at school, as it can be disruptive. This includes during passing periods and at lunch. Similar to other unauthorized use of personal electronic devices, the speakers can be confiscated and returned to parents and guardians only.                                                                                Yearbooks are on sale for $85, $75 with ASB.

  •    Buy your ASB sticker today and every day in Room 67.

  •   Lifetouch will be here again on Wednesday, October 7 from 7:30am until1:30pm.  Students who have not taken their ID go to the Pavilion Lobby before school or during lunch to do so. ID cards are required for campus entry and other services.

  •   Students if you purchased a picture package and would like a retake, you can also come before school or during lunch. Order envelopes are available at the Main Office or online at mylifetouch.com (Picture Day ID SF715258Q1).

  •   Staff, if you still have not taken your picture, please do so during your prep or lunch on that day.

  •  The Ohlone College Faire is tomorrow, Sept. 29 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm on the Fremont campus gym.