Daily Bulletin

Announcements 10/11/13




  1. NONE.

CLASS (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshman)

  1. NONE.


  1. Come to Pre-Med Club today in Room 204.   We will be discussing homecoming      nominations and academic testing.
  2. The Youth Alive Club has Bible Study every Friday      during lunch.
  3. Interested in joining Mecha?   Come meet in Room 407 after school on      Tuesdays.
  4. There will be a Close-Up meeting after school on      Wednesday.  If your thinking of      going on the trip to Washington DC or just want to discuss current events, join      us!  We meet in Room 71. 


Yearbooks are $70 with ASB and $80 without ASB.  Payment plans are available.

Leadership students are still selling ASB stickers.  If you still need to purchase your sticker, buy one from them or go to Room 67 after school to pick up one.  The class that purchases the most stickers by Spirit Week will receive 200 spirit week points.  Buying your ASB sticker saves you money through the school year.  If you need a payment plan or would like to fundraise for your sticker, please go to Room 67 for more information.

  You need Driver Education!  Pick up your application from any house office.  Classes offered during Thanksgiving and Winter Break.  Call the Adult School 510-489-2185.

  For more information check the Career Center’s web page or pick up a flyer in the Career Center.

  All hoodies are $20, T-shirts are $10!  Limited time only!  Open everyday during 4th period and Tuesday and Wednesday 5th lunch.