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Credit Recovery Programs

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Credit Recovery Program Details:

Semester 1                                       Start Date: 9/26/18                                 End Date: 1/17/19

Meeting Days/Times                       Monday: 3:32pm -  4:26pm             Wednesday: 1:52pm - 3:45pm       Thursday: 3:32pm - 4:26pm

Semester 2                                       Start Date: 1/29/19                             End Date: 5/23/19

Meeting Days/Times                      Same as Semester 1

What is Credit Recovery?

Credit Recovery is a program geared primarily for credit deficient Seniors (12th grade) who need to repeat courses in order to meet Logan's graduation requirements so they can graduate on time.

What Credit Recovery programs are available to Logan students?

Currently Logan provides one after school (8th period), online learning (Edgenuity) program for Senior students who need to make up credits.  Students need to meet with their counselor to go over the program's policy and expectations. Please click here to view a copy of the Credit Recovery application, which requires parent and counselor approval.  Contact your counselor if you have any questions.


Credit Recovery, Frequently Asked Questions...

Is attendance mandatory?                                                                                 

Yes, students will be dropped from Credit Recovery if they incur a total of 5 unexcused absences or 8 tardies. In addition, truancy notices will be sent home after 3 absences during 8th period. Although this is an online, self-paced program, students must participate to ensure successful completion.

How fast can a course be completed?      

Typically, it takes anywhere from 10-12 weeks to complete one course if work is only be completed during class time (8th period). Accelerated completion (working at home) is encouraged.

If I get dropped from Credit Recovery, can I return?

Students who are dropped from the Credit Recovery program must attend a meeting with their counselor, admin, and parent to determine their eligibility to return. In addition, they will be placed on the bottom of the waitlist if they are once again allowed to participate.