Honors Convocation 2019

Honors Convocation 2019


Honors Con Ceremony

Date: Thursday, June 6
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Pavilion

Students are required to arrive by 6:15 PM. Guests go directly to the Pavilion. Students meet in Colt Court.

Honors Con Rehearsal:

Date: Thursday, June 6
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: Colt Court

All students participating in Honors Con must attend rehearsal.

Info to Know…

Rehearsal for Honors Convocation will be June 6th from 2:00 - 3:30 PM, in Colt Court. Arriving early is encouraged. Students do NOT need their cap & gown during rehearsal.

On the evening of the 6th, please report to Colt Court by 6:15 PM, wearing your cap and gown, to line up alphabetically by house office as you did during practice in order to walk into the pavilion. Factor in the lack of parking and extra traffic so that you arrive on time by 6:15 PM.

Please wear formal, dress up clothes under your caps and gowns as you would for graduation.

After the ceremony we will adjourn to the Spot for refreshments.

Haven’t Gotten a Cap & Gown?

Achievers, our vendor for cap & gown, will be available after rehearsal for students to pick up cap & gown. Please see Achievers immediately after the rehearsal.

Not sure if you are in Honors Con?

Click on the button below to see names of all students who are in Honors Con. List is organized by House.