Student Clubs at Logan


A.C.E. (Art, Creativity, Expression)
Meets: Once a week at rm 416.
Contact: Rita Pilapil

Acts of Random Kindness Club
The JLHS ARK Club promotes kindness towards all by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities and projects.  High school students face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time.  The Acts of Random Kindness Club strives to make high school a little more pleasant!  Learn more by visiting @JLHSARK on Twitter or Instagram, or JLHSARKCLUB on Facebook.  
Meets: Rm 121 every other Thursday after school.
Contact: Stacey Diaz

American Red Cross Club
A Red Cross Club is a group that provides you and your peers opportunities to make a meaningful impact by addressing your community's greatest needs and develop leadership skills. Red Cross Clubs empower you with knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare your school and community to respond to emergencies.
Meets: After school on Thursdays in room 305
Contact: Michael Isenberg

Art Club
Bring students together through sharing personal pieces and to help each other create new ones through critiques and other advice.
Meets: Thursdays after school in Room 86
Contact: Ms. Lipman

Band and Colorguard
The following Band classes are available as year-long classes: Band Sectionals, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band Auxiliary and Performing Band.
Contact: Adam WilkeEric MelsonPatrick Refsnider
Also, visit the Band & Colorguard's Web site.

B-WISE (Women in Science, Engineering, and Business)
Currently, there is a lot of discrimination towards women and people of color in highly technical and analytical fields. B-WISE is Logan's first club to encourage and support men and women aspiring to take part in the fields of Science, Engineering, and Business. Hopefully, through the efforts of this club, societal discrimination towards those entering technical fields will be diminished and more people will be encouraged to enter the STEM and Business fields.
Contact: Charmaine Banther

The purpose of the Banee Club is to raise awareness of the dire conditions of underprivileged young girls living in rural India who cannot afford an education.
Meets: Tuesdays after school until 5:00pm in room 533. 
Contact: Clarissa Louie

Bollywood Dance Team
The purpose of this club is to create a Bollywood dance team with all types of people and to compete and perform around the community at competitions.
Contact: Tim Campbell

1. Provide volunteering opportunities and community service hours for club members. 
2. Connect students with social activities outside of school.
3. Give back to the community, in forms of providing academic support.
Meets: Thursdays in room 224 after school.
Contact: Ms. Wright

The purpose of buildOn is to build a school in villages that historically have no adequate school structure, and promote literacy throughout our school and our community. Our James Logan High School buildOn chapter will consist of a group of students who will come together so that we can advance buildOn's mission: to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. Along with building the school, our goal is also to be able to go down to the place where we plan to build the school, and help out with building the school in the first few weeks. 
We will fundraise, but the money will go to building a school and ending the education crisis in some of the poorest countries in the world.
Meets: Monday after school.
Contact: Michael Isenberg

Chess club is for people who enjoy playing chess, allowing them to interact with those sharing the same interest. It's also for those who aspire to learn or improve in chess.  Club meetings could also be a good place to study in a calm environment. Checkers could also be played. 
Meets: Mondays after school
Contact: Robert Eppler

Chinese Connections to Culture and Communication (C4)
The purpose of C4 Club is to promote Chinese culture and language to the community and connection with both younger and older generations who are interested in Chinese. Members in this club will also learn more about Chinese traditions, activities and languages through storytelling, songs and other activities.
Meets: in room 313
Contact: Sarah Du

The following Choir classes are available as year-long classes: Acapella/Show Choir, Advance Concert Choir, Concert Choir and Jazz Singers. Meets once a week for two hours afters chool.
Contact: Erin McShane

Comic Book Club
To share our love of comics with other students. It is a fun environment where members play games, learn trivia, go to local conventions together, share books and express our opinions on related topics. We spread awareness on the diversity of comic books and remind people that this is a community open to all people.
Meets: Tuesdays after school in room 403

Computer Science Club
A place where students interested in computer science can meet to discuss and work on programming projects. Club activities include creating projects using a variety languages, technology tutorials, programming contests, and hackathons. Join our web forum for more info.
Meets: Thursdays after school in room 475. 
Contact: David Haight or Barry Becker 

Creator's University
Produce choreography of different dance styles and perform during school functions/programs and outside shows. 
Meets: every other Friday either at Room 416 or the PE Room
Contact: Rita Pilapil

CSF (California Scholarship Federation)
The California Scholarship Federation is aimed at aiding high school students to contribute to their communities through various volunteering opportunitiessuch as organizing Christmas drives and graffiti clean up. Additionally this organization honors those of academic standing and/or significant worthy accomplishments through scholarships which are given by the organization. More info at
Contact: Tim Campbell

DECA Inc. prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in management, marketing, and finance in high schools and colleges around the globe. 
Meets: room 502, every Tuesday after school
Contacts: Tomas Mijares

Dimensions ofArt
A club to express one's own definition of art.
Meets: Ms Allen's room Wednesdays afters chool
Contact: Ms Allen

Electronic Music Club
The purpose is to create and grow a community of students with similar music tastes, specifically electronic music.  It will be mainly for students toshare and discover new songs and sub-genres of electronic music.   It will also be a community to support and give constructive criticism to those who want to go into producing electronic music.  
Meets: Wednesdays after school in room 203
Contact: Julie Chuang

Evolution Championships
To foster competitive fighting gamers to eventually send people to Evolution Championship Series in Las Vegas. We will discuss/practice technical fighting game skills, enter/create local tournaments, and analyze possibilities to code and modify current fighting games for future careers in both playing a game and organizing the fighting game industry. Useful computer skills will also be taught and discussed in order to bolster the technological abilities our members need to play games. Of course also to relieve stress.
Meets: After-school meetings once or twice a month on currently undecided days. 5th and 4th period optional meetings will be held two times a week.
Contact: Brian Wang

Fanime Club
We talk about anime, watch anime, give information on cosplay, anime, and conventions. 
Meets: in Mr.Seaton's class in room 210 after schools every other Friday
Contact: Thomas Seaton

FBLA Future Business Leaders of America
Preparing students for a future career in business
Meets: room 417 after school on Thursdays
Contact: Adriana Saavedra Luna

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Place for other Christian athletes to meet.
Meets: 5th period lunch in the gym
Contact: Cheri Craddock

Feminist Club
Raises awareness for social issues in our country and the world that fall under the concern of feminism; teach people in our school what feminism means and to further educate those who are already feminists.
Meets: Every other Monday, after school in Ms. Diaz's room 121
Contact: Stacey Diaz

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) Club
Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) refers to ancient and newer fighting methods devised in the Philippines. It has, over the years, incorporated elements from both Western and Eastern Martial Arts. The most popular forms of which are known as Arnis/Eskrima/Kali. The Filipino Martial Arts Club (FMA Club) at James Logan High School was formed to help current generations to understand the history and legacy of FMA. FMA Club hopes to introduce the arts and its history to propagate not only its importance to the preservation of its own history, but also its deep connection to the proud history and heritage of the Filipino and Filipino-American people.
Meets: Meetings will be held on Mondays (when advisor does not have staff or departmental meetings) and alternating Thursdays after school (3:30 - 4:30) at Memorial Square or in the Little Theater
Contact: Ivan Santos

Filipino Youth Association
The Filipino Youth Association (FYA) meetings discuss upcoming events and performances. The FYA is more than a club. It is also a theater group, martial arts group, and dance group for the community. The FYA meets every Tuesday in room 416, and they discuss upcoming events and performances for the school and the community. Everyone is welcome to join, learn, and share the Philippine Culture.
Contact: Ms. Carrasco-Spooner

Film Club
Have fun while making movies! No experience necessary ... just a desire to make films.
Meets in room 104, Thursdays after school.  Visit our website:
Contact: Rich Yacco

Fitness Club
Meets on the Logan track, Tuesdays & Thursday, 3:45-4:45 pm
Contact: Lee Webb

Forensics (Speech and Debate) is available as semester or year-long classes.
Contact: Tommie Lindsey and Tim Campbell

French Club
Our purpose is to explore aspects of French-speaking culture that we don't have time for in French class. Students do not have to be French students in order to join.
Meets: Thursday afternoons in Room 452 starting at 3:40. We typically meet every other Thursday.       
Contact: Ronald Wallace, or call 471-2520 ext. 4400 or 4159

Gaming Club
To create an experience on campus for students to come together and play many different types of games. Having an open room for students to meet others with various gaming backgrounds can help students connect with others they may not have met before on such a large campus. In the club, we are creating a community, one that understands how gaming has helped to shape them as individuals they are today and moving onto the future. There are many lessons to learn with cooperating or competing with others, but also collaborating with others for what becomes the best situation not only for the individual, but also for the group as a whole.  
Meets in the Reference Room, alternate Thursdays
Contact: Tomas Mijares

Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)
To have a social space where people can feel comfortable and free to speak their minds. 
Meets: After school in room 207
Contact: David Ellison

Girls Who Code
Create opportunities for more girls to code and learn about engineering and science fields.
Meets: Thursdays, once a month
Contact: Charmaine Banther

ICL: Student Council
The purpose of ICL Student Council is to lead those in our community and to inspire them to take what they have learned and share it with others outside of an academic environment. We strive to support those in need and to help with the progression of our community. ICL Student Council is made up of the leaders of the future who exemplify initiative, respect and the mental well being of others. 
Meets: Thursdays 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm in room 227
Contact: Stephanie Papas

Interact is an international organization of service that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship and promotes international understanding and peace. Interact is an extension of Rotary on the high school level that allows students to connect with others in their community or school. Interact club members have fun while carrying out service projects and learning about the world. We organize at least two district-wide service projects a year: one that benefits their community and one that encourages international understanding. While Interact clubs receive guidance from individual Rotary Clubs, they govern and support themselves and are included in Rotary International’s “Youth Services” Avenue of Service. 
Meets: Mondas or Thursdays. Subject to change.
Contact: Johnny Lam

International Thespian Society (ITS)
We are International Thespian Troupe #797. Our purpose shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in theatre. More specifically, the troupe will encourage students to attain a better mastery of the theatre arts and will reward those who achieve it with induction into the troupe. Thespians achieving honor ranks shall receive recognition of their exemplary accomplishment. 
Meets: Wednesdays after school in The Center for Performing Arts in Room 722.
Contacts: Robert Richardson

Japanese Language and Culture Club
To expose students to Japanese Language and culture.
Meets: room 504.
Contacts: Kenjiro Mori

K-Pop (Family)
To share the pop culture of South Korea to the students of James Logan through singing, dancing, food, fashion, and more.
Meets: Tuesdays and Fridays in Colt Court or room 203, and select Saturdays (location varies).
Contact: Julie Chuang

Key Club
To help the student of James Logan earn community service hours and to better the community. 
Meets: every other Thursday after school
Contact: Timothy Wharton

This club primarily focuses on connecting high schoolers to young children with the goals of enriching education on various subjects, exciting children to learn and establishing bonds for life. This club offers high schoolers the opportunity to embark on various projects wherein they will spend time with younger children and work with them in subjects ranging from painting to schoolwork. The KidzConnect club strives to provide role models for young children in order to guide them onto the path for a better future. 
Meets: Friday afterschool and Wednesday during 4th period lunch in Room 411.
Contact: Lilia Reynoso

Latinos Unidos
A club for Spanish speaking newcomers to Logan where they can meet new friends and practice their English. 
Meets: Wednesdays at 2PM or Friday 5th period lunch
Contact: Timothy Wharton

Lion Dance Club
Share and learn the Asian art of lion dancing.
Meets: Mondays after school (is there anywhere that we can practice at with a high ceiling?)
Contact: Pamela Ly

Locke Green
To enlighten students regarding to environmental problems. And empower students with information about the ways they improve their footprint and campus environment. 
Meets: Wednesdays after school in room 521
Contact: Robert Eppler

MEChA (Movimento Estudiantil Chicano Aztlan)
This group meets to discuss social and political issues affecting the Chicano community at all levels. The group works year round to raise money for low income families during the holidays and for graduating MEChA seniors. MEChA is also responsible for different community dances and the annual Cinco de Mayo Car Show. The club is open to students of all nationalities. 
Meets: Wednesdays at 3:45 in room 407.
Contact: Ms. Nunez, ext. 4408, and Ms. Esquivez, or call 471-2520 ext 4467

To raise awareness of children who have life-threatening diseases.
Meets:  Wednesdays or Thursdays after school in room 61.

Math Club
To prepare students for math competitions either online or in a college campus relatively close to our area. We also aim to teach students cool math tricks that are usually not explained or taught through the traditional school mathematic course.
Meets: Tuesdays or Wednesdays after school
Contact: Ken Prucha or F. Farzad

Microfinance Club
Help entrepreneurs in developing countries start their business through the use of small loans. After the entrepreneurs make profits, the money will be paid back and will be used to fund new entrepreneurs. An online platform named Kiva will be used to coordinate the loans.
Meets: Wednesdays after school in room 521
Contact: Lucio Vazquez

Million Dollar Minds
This organization is comprised of positive young African American males on this campus who are seeking to empower themselves and be mentors to others in our school community and other academic institutions within the Bay Area. Our vision is to create outstanding leaders by utilizing our diverse talents to create environments where other African American male youths can see positive male role models. Our goal is to create mentors for young children and underclassmen to become motivated to achieve and to empower these young men to become viewed as viable shareholders in JLHS academia. MDM is not just a name to an organization, it is a mentality and belief in one’s self. Being a part of this group means that you uphold the values of JUSTICE, RESPECT, and INTEGRITY. Each student that dawns the MDM logo and initials will adhere to these values and command respect through their actions and verbal articulation. Upholding these values are vital.
Meets: Wednesdays after school in room 521
Contact: Ron Polk

Music Appreciation
For students to bond with each other and to share their love of music.
Meets: Every other Thursday in room 503.
Contact: Stacey Berkowitz

Locke Green
To enlighten students regarding to environmental problems. And empower students with information about the ways they improve their footprint and campus environment. 
Meets: Wednesdays after school in room 521
Contact: Robert Eppler

Muslim Student Association
Support group for Muslim students that provides weekly or bi-weekly meetings for ALL interested students to learn about Islamic Culture and traditions. Meetings announced on Logan Live or through other means.
Contact: Farhad Farzad

National Honors Society
Help provide students give back to the community through volunteering.
Meets: in room 301 a couple times a month.
Contact: Shawn English

Ocean Explorers Club
Promote “hands-on” knowledge of our world’s aquatic ecosystems, and achieve higher standards of citizenship with regard to the San Francisco Bay estuary.
Meets: first and third Tuesday of each month from 3:30 – 4:30PM in Room 317
Contact: Lisa Childers

Of Books and Pens
To share the love of reading through different book based activities, and maybe getting to read a book or two.
Meets: Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:15 in Rm 207
Contact: David Ellison

Give people awareness about animal issues and help resolve them.
Meets: Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:15 in room 207
Contact: Pamela Ly

Partners in Health
PIH works together to find a team of doctors to go in and help them. Our goal is to uphold the values of PIH at the high school level with the same decorum as the college chapters. 
Meets: Wednesdays by a biweekly basis after school ranging from 1 to 2 hours.
Contact: Mr. Isenberg

Peers Empowering Every Person (PEEPs)
Promotes positive interaction between general education students and students with special needs. 
Meets: during both lunches
Contacts: Amy Guastavino and Bethany Stevenin

Polynesian Club
To help mentor and build kids to aim for higher learning or learn of a trade for their lives in this time. One of the ways for us polynesians is thru "culture".
Meets: Wednesdays after school

Relay for Life
Spread awareness about cancer and how the American Cancer Society support families who have been affected by cancer. Also build a community. Relay For Life is an event held every summer and we stay at the Logan track for 24 hours. Our primary goal is to provide a support for students and to raise awareness about cancer research. Meets: One Wednesday a month in Ms. Saavedra's room. 
Contact: Adriana Saavedra Luna

Make robots out of Vex kits.
Meets: In room 475 on Tuesdays
Contact: David Haight

Science Club
This club allows students with an interest in science to share their ideas and pursue their interests in all areas of science.  It will also serve as the point of contact for most of the science-based academic competitions that Logan will attend.
Meets: Friday after school in 226
Contact: Roy Ting

Tech Club
Participate in the Tech Challege nin San Jose
Meets: Tuesdays after school in room 475
Contact: David Haight

Technical Theater Club
The purpose of the Technical Theater Club is to educate students that are interested in learning about the practices and techniques of theater professionals. Students are encouraged to develop skills in both the technical and design aspects of theater with an emphasis on practical application and exploration of possible career options in related fields. This includes practical experience working on events in the school's performing arts center and networking opportunities with working theater professionals in the Bay Area.
Meets: Once a month, Rm 534
Contact: Alan Dye

Travel Club
For students travel to Spanish speaking countries with Mrs. Zilberman
Meets in room 204, alternate Fridays
Contact: Mrs. Zilberman

Support the UNICEF non-profit organization that provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.
Meets: Every other Tuesday after school.
Contact: Robert Eppler

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
Promotes awareness of the Vietnamese Culture
Meets: Mondays after school, in room 225.
Contact: Pamela Ly

Vitality Club
Raise awareness of health in the community
Meets: Wednesdays after school
Contact: Abigail noche

Youth Advisory Board
The group serves as a forum for youth to provide input into health center policy and function. YAB members accomplish this by providing feedback to health center staff and serve as an important evaluation tool for the center's services. YAB also serves as a means for youth to actively promote health to their peers. They accomplish this by developing school wide "health tips" and PSA’s that air on Logan Live, the schools daily video announcement program or hosting workshops and health fairs. Additionally, YAB is also known to participate in many community activities that promote leadership, community involvement and civic participation. For the upcoming year, YAB will organize health fairs and develop health campaigns.
Meets: Tuesday 5th lunch
Contact: Adrienne Lazaro

Youth Alive Christian Club
This is a Christian club that gets together for worship, Bible study, prayer, games, food and fun. We do various things throughout the year to reach out and encourage others. This club is open to all.
Meets: Tuesdays after school in room 418
Contact: Mrs. C. Perez