Student Clubs at Logan


Acts of Random Kindness Club
The JLHS ARK Club promotes kindness towards all by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities and projects.  High school students face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time.  The Acts of Random Kindness Club strives to make high school a little more pleasant! Learn more by visiting @JLHSARK on Twitter or Instagram, or JLHSARKCLUB on Facebook.  
Meets: every other Thursday in room 121
Contact: Stacey Diaz

Aerospace and Rocketry Club
Explore the vast field of rocketry and aeronautics and compete in aerial competitions. Have fun launching rockets and designing and flying airplanes.
Meets: every other Tuesday in room 208
Contact: Lucio Vazquez

The purpose of this club is to further interest in biology, provide opportunities for learning in a stress free environment, and to possibly engage in competition with biology students around the nation.
Meets: every other Thursday in room 317
Contact: Ms. Childers

Black Student Union (BSU)
The purpose of Black Student Union (BSU) is to learn about and share African American culture and history for the students and the community at large. The emphasis is on African American students and community.
Meets: Thursdays in room 529
Contact: Ms. Allen

Of Books and Pens
To enjoy and create great literature.
Meets: Thursdays in Rm 207
Contact: David Ellison

First of all, Bridge Club aims to create a sense of community, family, and friendship among the ESL student body, by creating mini-activities such as movie nights, reading festivals, and many more to make ESL students feel more belonged. Second, Bridge Club aims to help ESL students to thrive academically, by providing lecturing service, one-on-one tutoring service. Third, Bridge Club aims to help ESL students regarding anything in school, from courses selection to sports team selection. Former ESL students will also share their personal experiences of learning English and accepting new culture.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 224
Contact: Ms. Wright

The purpose of buildOn is to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations in some of the economically poorest countries on the planet by building schools in villages that have historically had no adequate school structure.
Meets: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month in room 302
Contact: Michael Isenberg

Camping Club
To explore the wilderness through camping and enjoy the outdoors.
Meets: 3rd Friday of the month in room 75
Contact: Colin Malcolm

Chinese Connections to Culture and Communication (C4)
The purpose of Chinese Connection to Culture and Community (C4) Club is to promote Chinese culture and language to the community and connection with both younger and older generations who are interested in Chinese. Members in this club will also learn more about Chinese traditions, activities and languages through storytelling, songs and other activities.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 313
Contact: Sarah Du

College Readiness
College Readiness is a club that allows an encouraging and informative space for students who plan on pursuing higher education after high school. Students will be able to ask questions about the all things college-related and the club’s goal is to answer these questions, helping others become better prepared in the process of applying to college.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 406
Contact: Theresa Clark

Comic Book Club
To share the love of comic books and movies with one another. This club is a welcome environment for friends and strangers alike. We participate in games, video editing, trivia, debates and movie premiers.
Meets: Tuesdays in room 403
Contact: Debbie Hughes

Computer Science Club
The computer science club was formed so that Logan High School students interested in computer science can meet to discuss and work on programming activities.
Meets: Thursdays in room 475
Contact: David Haight

Creator's University
To meet together and dance. Learning dance pieces, techniques, and preparing for performances. As well as bonding together as individuals who love and want to learn how to dance.
Meets: Wednesdays in Staff Lounge
Contact: James Soria

Dollars for Diplomas
The purpose of the club is to create scholarships for students at Logan that are accepted into and are planning to attend four year colleges or university that fall under low social economic statuses.
Meets: room 60
Contact: Anthony Pava

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Club
The club is a place for people who like EDM to come together to listen to and share music that they like. People can practice DJing or making their own music.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 509
Contact: Julie Chuang

Feminist Club
To create a safe space for feminists to discuss, learn, and educate those who are interested in feminism or want to know more about it. Our goal is to make a positive impact on Logan, too.
Meets: 1st Tuesday of the month in room 121
Contact: Jeff Boyd

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) Club
Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) refers to ancient and newer fighting methods devised in the Philippines. It has, over the years, incorporated elements from both Western and Eastern Martial Arts. The most popular forms of which are known as Arnis/Eskrima/Kali. The Filipino Martial Arts Club (FMA Club) at James Logan High School was formed to help current generations to understand the history and legacy of FMA. FMA Club hopes to introduce the arts and its history to propagate not only its importance to the preservation of its own history, but also its deep connection to the proud history and heritage of the Filipino and Filipino-American people.
Meets: Memorial Square/Little Theatre - Mondays and Alternating Thursdays
Contact: Ivan Santos

Film Club
A place for current and soon-to-be moviemakers to share ideas and develop skills as they collaborate to create films. Visit our website:
Meets: Tuesdays after school in room 104
Contact: Rich Yacco

French Club
Our purpose is to explore the culture and customs of the francophone (French-speaking) world, including activities that we run out of time to do in French classes. This might include art, music, films, games, and food, depending on the interests and preferences of current club members.
Meets: every other Thursday in room 452.       
Contact: Mr. Wallace or call 471-2520 ext. 4400 or 4159

Gaming Club
To create an experience on campus for students to come together and play many different types of games. Having an open room for students to meet others with various gaming backgrounds can help students connect with others they may not have met before on such a large campus. In the club, we are creating a community, one that understands how gaming has helped to shape them as individuals they are today and moving onto the future. There are many lessons to learn with cooperating or competing with others, but also collaborating with others for what becomes the best situation not only for the individual, but also for the group as a whole.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 502
Contact: Tomas Mijares

Garden Club (Rooted)
The purpose of this club is to meet new people while gardening, beautifying the campus and other community services.
Meets: Tuesdays in room 201
Contact: Erin Cross

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)
The Logan GSA will primarily provide a safe space for LGBTQ students, their friends and allies to meet and build a community of support and acceptance. In addition, the club will work to educate the general Logan population on queer rights and issues.
Meets: Fridays in room 207
Contact: David Ellison

Harry Potter Club
This club is an opportunity to build a family feel amongst those who enjoy Harry Potter. By joining a "house," students will feel connected to others throughout their time at Logan.
Meets: Thursdays in room 441
Contact: Jodie Schwartzfarb

Heroic Imagination Project (HIP)
The purpose of the club is to empower students to stand up in situations where most people tend to be bystanders. The goal for the end of the year is to create up-standers at Logan.
Meets: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month in room 403
Contact: Debbie Hughes

Hip Hop Elements
To Dance and explore Hip Hop Music and learn positive ways of expressing creativity.
Meets: every other Monday in room 404; Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Staff Lounge
Contact: Shane Henderson

To organize ICL community building events and assemblies. To foster student leadership within our ICL program
Meets: Thursdays in room 227
Contact: Stephanie Papas

JLHS Interact does not only connect students with community service opportunities, but our purpose is also to encourage young people to develop a passion and love for helping others. Along with volunteering at local community service events, we work together with thousands of other students in the bay area to raise thousands of dollars and thousands of hours towards a specific International and Community Project every year. Each project involves working with nonprofit organizations whose sole purpose is to help others in need in their communities and around the world. Last year our International Project was called “Hello my name is...” where we raised awareness about the realities of human trafficking, locally and globally, and helped educate people on ways they can help. Our Community Project was called “Under One Roof” where we fought the stigma that surrounds the homeless in our local and global communities. This club provides a place and encouraging environment for young people who want to make a difference and help create a positive impact in the world.
Meets: every other Thursday in room 525
Contact: Johnny Lam

International Thespian Society (ITS)
We are International Thespian Troupe #797. Our purpose shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in theatre. More specifically, the troupe will encourage students to attain a better mastery of the theatre arts and will reward those who achieve it with induction into the troupe. Thespians achieving honor ranks shall receive recognition of their exemplary accomplishment. 
Meets: Wednesdays in The Center for Performing Arts in Room 722.
Contacts: Robert Richardson

Junior Taiwanese-American Student Association (JTASA)
The purpose of the JLHS JTASA is to increase an awareness of Taiwanese culture in the school and community, help students identify with their Taiwanese heritage if applicable, and to encourage students to become active and responsible citizens in their society by participating in community service events.
Meets: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of month in room 415
Contact: David Wu

Key Club
Key Club International is an organization of individual Key Clubs and is funded by nominal dues paid by every member. Its officers are high school leaders elected by the members at district and International conventions. The organization offers a wide range of opportunities to its member: leadership development, vocational guidance, college scholarships, subscription to the Key Club magazine, service-learning, personal enrichment, value-added member benefit programs
Meets: every other Thursday in room 303
Contact: Timothy Wharton

Latinos Unidos
Invite Spanish speaking students (but not limited to) to get to know Logan school culture and adjust to new life in the USA.
Meets: Wednesdays at 2PM or Fridays during 5th period lunch in room 413
Contact: Janelle Jones

Leo Club
Our purpose for Leo Club is to help students earn the community service hours they need to graduate. As well as helping them meet new people from other schools and from our own school as well since we have a huge campus. Leo stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunities and we strongly believe is those three words. Leo gives a chance to everybody who would like to improve on their talking skills if their shy because they will have to interact with people.
meets: every other Thursday in room 21
contact: Michael Foster

Locke Green
To enlighten students regarding to environmental problems. And empower students with information about the ways they improve their footprint and campus environment. 
Meets: Wednesdays in room 521
Contact: Robert Eppler

To raise awareness about children who have life-threatening diseases
Meets:  every other Thursdays in room 121
Contact: Stacey Diaz

Math Club
The purpose of the club is to enrich the level of mathematics practice among students and motivate competitive mathematical skills for its members.
Meets: Thursdays in room 453
Contact: Mr. Farzad

Microfinance Club
Help entrepreneurs in developing countries start their business through the use of small loans. After the entrepreneurs make profits, the money will be paid back and will be used to fund new entrepreneurs. An online platform named Kiva will be used to coordinate the loans. Kiva is safe and secure and the leading microfinance website. In addition, we will be teaching the principles of microfinance and entrepreneurship to club members.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 208
Contact: Lucio Vazquez

Movimento Estudiantil Chicano Aztlan (MEChA)
Purpose seeks to educate our barrios and campos about our history and culture to further create a movement of self-determination and increase the rate of Latinos in College
Meets: Tuesdays in room 407.
Contact: Ms. Esquivez

Muslim Student Association
Promote an understanding environment for learning about Islam and its cultural significance.
Meets: Fridays in room 453
Contact: Mr. Farzad

Otaku Club
This club exists to help students who love anime and manga to learn to make fan art such as drawings, Role-play games, 2D animation or 3D MMD animation. Members with interest in cosplay or using Japanese are also welcome.
Meets: Wednesdays and Fridays in room 123
Contact: David Loyd

Peer Advising Club
The purpose of our club is to help students plan their future, whether it be high school, or life in general. We can also answer questions or concerns they might have but don’t necessarily need to go to the counselor for.
Meets: every other Tuesday in room 521
Contact: Robert Eppler

Peers Empowering Every Person (PEEPs)
Promotes positive interaction between general education students and students with special needs. 
Meets: Tuesdays on Logan Track
Contacts: Lee Webb

Photography Club
The purpose of photography club is to offer students a space to share their love of photography, learn new photography skills, and to experiment with new photo techniques. Photography club also offers students with a place where they can share their photographs, offer feedback to one another with the goal of developing and nurturing their creativity and skill.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 89
Contact: Anthony Dimaano

Political Science Club
To meet and talk about politics in our daily lives and to enrich the minds of the young and future voters.
Meets: Fridays in room 208
Contact: Lucio Vazquez

PreMed Club
To help students find out what it takes to prepare for a career in medicine. To explore the many exciting, rewarding options that make a difference in people’s lives.
Meets: 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month in room 204
Contact: Ms. Noche

Project Start Art Club
To create a social environment for artists with similar interest
Meets: Wednesdays in room 82
Contact: Ms. Collins

Punjabi Club
The purpose of Punjabi Club is to connect students with the fading presence of the Punjabi culture, language, and traditions. The Club also plans to build a community among the members and their peers in school, and defy stereotypes.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 442
Contact: Amarjit Kaur

Rubik's Cube Club
This club is for people who likes to play with Rubik's cubes and for who who are interested in Rubik's cubes. People who don't know how to solve a cube but have interest in learning it. In this club we will teach you how to solve a Rubik's cube, finger techniques; and for the people who know how to solve Rubik's cubes, this is a place we hang out and practice and teach newbies.
Meets: Mondays in room 523
Contact: Lisa Ruddy

Science Club
Promote an awareness and appreciate of all things science; act as the administrative and training hub for science competitions.
Meets: Friday in 226
Contact: Roy Ting

Senior Outreach
To reach out to local senior citizens and involve them in community events
Meets: every other Monday in room 404
Contact: Shane Henderson

Sikh Honor Society
Educate students on higher education & community service.
Meets: Wednesdays and Thursdays in room 447
Contact: Ms. Sidhu

Staglion Club (a.k.a. Creative Writing and Journalism Club)
To provide an environment where students can work on Creative Writing and Journalism and receive critique, as well as learning how to help manage a website and manifest exposure (generating a viewer base) for the website. Additionally, to create/facilitate an online publication for Logan that will ideally become a permanent fixture for Logan.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 304
Contact: Lizzie Farmer

Technical Theater Club
To introduce students to the techniques and terminology of technical theater and to give them the opportunity to gain practical experience in applied theater arts. Through the club, students are able to network with each other and with alumni currently working in the industry.
Meets: Wednesdays in CPA Green Room
Contact: Alan Dye

Third World Relief
The purpose is to promote whatThird World countries are by educating people what it means to be under developed and how to help promote sustainability.
Meets: Wednesdays in room 304
Contact: Lizzie Farmer

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)
Foster friendly environment to preserve, share, and learn more about the Vietnamese culture (i.e. Food, Language, Traditions, History, etc.);
Meets: every other Friday in room 523
Contact: Pamela Ly

weCreate’s goal is to provide a platform that combines three key skills: creativity, entrepreneurship, and giving back to the community. We do this by encouraging youth entrepreneurship and creativity while giving the youth an environment where they can thrive and positively impact other lives.
Meets: Fridays in room 77
Contact: Gabriella Kala

Youth Advisory Board
The group serves as a forum for youth to provide input into health center policy and function. We explore both health and restorative justice topics such as safe sex, birth control methods, STI's, healthy relationships, LGBTQ, body image, nutrition and fitness, mental illness and drugs and alcohol. YAB serves as a means for youth to actively promote health to their peers. They accomplish this by developing school wide "health tips" and PSA's that air on Logan Live, health fairs and tabling events. Additionally, YAB is known to participate in many community activities that promote leadership, community involvement and civic partnership. All members receive community service hours for their participation.
Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays during 5th lunch in Health Center
Contact: Natalie Montes

Youth Alive Christian Club
Youth Alive's purpose is to be a source of encouragement for students and staff at James Logan High School by sharing the news of salvation in Jesus Christ. We gather to deepen our relationship with God and grow in friendship along the way through Bible studies, games, worship, outside activities, etc.
Meets: Thursdays in room 418 and Bible study during both lunches on Fridays
Contact: Cheryl Perez

Yoyo Kendama Club
to provide a place for kendama and yoyo players to connect, have fun, and show off our skills
Meets: Wednesdays in room 301
Contact: Shawn English