Advanced Placement (AP) / Honors

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Student Agreement for Advanced Placement (AP) & Honors 

JLHS supports any student who wants to accept the challenges of an advanced class. However, the opportunity to be in advanced placement or honors classes carries with it certain assumptions about the skills and maturity of students who will be doing advanced or college level work. It is hoped that students are primarily motivated by an appreciation for the subject and secondarily by GPA or the AP exam.

Students are expected:

  • To be independent learners, willing to read, learn, ask questions, pursue outside reading and research, integrate and discuss material from diverse sources.
  • To spend, on average, approximately five hours per week for each AP class.
  • To attend class, take tests, and turn in assignments on time.
  • To accept that enrollment in an AP course does not guarantee an A or B grade.
  • To gracefully accept assignments, suggestions, and coaching from the teacher.

Students who enroll in an advanced placement course or honors course and their parent/guardian must agree to to the following (and sign a written contract):

  1. I recognize that I have to demonstrate independence and responsibility. I must meet the highest standards of performance in any honors or advanced placement course. Honors classes typically require 1-1/2 times as much home-work as non-honors college preparatory classes. Each advanced placement course may require as much as five hours of homework weekly.
  2. I know that I cannot transfer from my AP or honors class into the equivalent college preparatory course after the progress report without penalty. A drop after the official DROP date is reflected as a Withdrawal Fail (WF) on the official transcript. I also understand there may not be space available for me in a college prep class and I may have to delay a required class because of my drop.
  3. I realize that by enrolling in an advanced placement course, I am expected to take the corresponding advanced placement exam in May. Funding for this examination is available for those students with demonstrated financial need.
  4. I understand that JLHS does not recommend that students take more than 2 AP classes per year.  I agree to uphold James Logan High School’s academic integrity policy.
  5. I understand that I may be dropped from any honors or advanced placement class with a failing grade pursuant to a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy if I plagiarize, cheat, or submit work other than that which I personally have done.
  6. I understand that a California State University and University of California approved honors or advanced placement class receives an extra GPA point on the weighted GPA for JLHS. An extra point is not calculated on the unweighted GPA for official transcripts.

James Logan is committed to making AP tests available to all students. Each AP test costs $95. College Board offers a reduced price of $53 to all eligible students. This cost is further subsidized by the state and the school, where students only pay $5.00 per test. Logan will make all efforts to cover fees for any students with financial hardships. Please see your AP teacher, your counselor, or your House Principal about fee reductions and fee waivers. 

Download Advanced Placement Contract.


Click above to see a list of summer assignments

Click above to see a list of summer assignments

Click image to view the 2016-2017 Bulletin for AP Students & Parents

Click image to view the 2016-2017
Bulletin for AP Students & Parents

Click above to review Logan's AP scores for the last 5 years.

Click above to review Logan's AP scores for the last 5 years.

AP & Honors Courses offered at JLHS: 

Algebra 2 Honors

Anatomy & Physio Honors

AP Biology

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

AP Chemistry

AP Chinese Language

AP Computer Science

AP English Lang & Comp.

AP English Lit & Comp.

AP Environmental Science

AP Macroeconomics

AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP Spanish Language

AP Statistics

AP Studio Art Portfolio

AP U.S. Gov & Politics

AP U.S. History

AP World History

Chinese 4 Honors

College Math Honors

English 1 (H)

English 2 (H)

French 3 Honors

Punjabi 4 Honors

Spanish 3 Honors